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April 22, 2022
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Canada is the favorite destination in the midst of international students, each year the number of international students numbers in Canada is increasing and the Canadian Govt. is also welcoming candidates with good academic & IELTS scores. Canada is a multicultural society, Institutions offers courses in a majority of Fields at different levels; Certificates, Diploma, Bachelor Degree`s, Post Graduate Diploma & Master’s Degree. Canadian student visa has some imperative requirements and for a positive result visa you should follow the criterion:

Basic Requirements for Canada –

  •   The academic proportion should be above 55% in the last qualification
  •   IELTS  (for all Certificate & Diploma program`s  6 Band & for Bachelor & Master Degree  6.5 band )
  •   Gap after studies are adequate (need to give necessary reasons)
  •   The proposed Course should be on the track with your preceding studies

For more details and precise queries about any application, you can fill out the assessment form available on this page and our squad will be contacting you for Free counseling and assessment. According to a report, Indian holds the 2nd position for the number of students that immigrate each year to Canada for educational purposes. And, according to a recent report released on 7th November 2014, 13,758 visas were issued to Indian students this year. Not only from India, but lots of people from all over the world immigrate for gaining from its world-class education system.


These are not only students excited to learn in Canada in fact; the Canadian administration is also looking forward to doubling the number of students coming to get knowledge from Canada. To support the foreign students, in June 2014, Canada announced renewed regulations to fortify Canada’s repute as a study target and recover services to authentic students, whilst maintaining Canada’s international repute for high-quality education

  •  Canada’s landmass is 9 970610 km2 (The world’s 2nd largest country)
  •   Canada’s Population is 35.6 million (2011)
  •   Expected Life expectation: in Canada is 80.9 Years (2008)
  •   Migration to Canada: 559,114 arrivals (2010)
  •   Ottawa is the Capital of Canada (located in Ontario)
  •   Canada has 10 provinces and 3 territories.
  •   The Canadian dollar is divided into 100 cents (like the American dollar)


Canada is a constitutional realm and a federal state with a self-governing parliament The Parliament is in Ottawa and is comprised of the House of Commons (Lower House) and the Senate (The Upper House – whose members are selected). Canada is an associate of loads of international organizations including NATO, OSCE, OAS, and APEC. It is also regarded as a secure and peaceful place to live. Canada is a bilingual nation having both English and French as its official languages at the federal level. Now if you consider that Canada is the right place in terms of education, lifestyle, and career orientation, and if you have prepared to immigrate to this country, it’s time to begin your procedure for admission and study visa for Canada now with our Canada PR consultant in Amritsar.



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