Tourist Visa

Tourist Visa

Change is the only constant in this ever changing and ever growing human civilization on earth. We, human beings, just like other living beings, need to travel aound places foir various reasons such as business, social, and personal reasons.

while other living beings can travel around places without even the need of proving their identities, the more intelligent breed of living beings – the human beings – need to prove and carry their identities and take permissions from requisite authorities prior to visiting places, at least in case they need to cross the man made borders to places they don’t belong to.

This is how immigration is described literally – immigration is the international movement of people from one country (the home country or the county where the individual belongs) to another country, often known as the destination country where the individual is a mere tourist for fulfilling a prescribed purpose only.

Whenever such movement occurs, the individual needs to have the permission of the country he/she is visiting. This permission is given in the form of visa. Usually visas are given or granted as and when required. These types of visas are known as one time visa. But there are situations where a tourist might need to visit the same country multiple times within a span of time, for various reasons including business and profession.

In order to facilitate such tourist influx, most countries including US and Australia have introduced the system of Multiple Tourist Visa which permits the holder to visit the country more than once during a span of time which can range from six months to ten years depending upon the needs of the individual and the county policies. Such Multiple Tourist Visa helps the individual plan trips as and when required without worrying about the visa procedures while the country gains from such repeated tourist influx into the country.

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