Each year more than 25,000 international students choose to study in Germany and undertake research activities. They are attracted by international study programmes and excellent research opportunities. In addition, study in Germany for Indian students allows them to be part of an international, highly qualified community. Over 300 international Degree programmes offer courses which are entirely or partly taught in the English language. These courses are offered in various disciplines, especially in Engineering, Natural Science, Computer Science, Business and Economics which leads to an internationally recognized Bachelor or Master degrees or even to a PHD. Universities are state-funded; therefore, generally low tuition fees are charged. Many institutions of higher education offer international students in Germany the opportunity to do internships or carry out research in industry. Germany lies in the heart of Europe- which is an excellent starting point to discover other famous European destinations. You can be in London, Paris in no time.

Study in Germany

Top universities/Colleges in Germany

Courses are available for a range of interests, learning needs and styles, including: academic, professional and vocational courses.

1 Jacobs University, Bremen
2 SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences, Berlin and Hamburg
3 Hochschule Bremen – International Graduate Centre, Bremen
4 International School of Management, Dortmund
5 IUBH University of Applied Sciences, Berlin and Bad Honnef
6 CBS International Business School, Cologne
7 Arden University, Berlin
8 GISMA Business School, Hanover

9 New European College, Munich
10 EU Business School, Munich
11 Accadis Hochschule Bad Homburg – University of Applied Sciences, Bad Homburg
12 Berlin School of Business and Innovation, Berlin
13 University of Europe for Applied Sciences, Hamburg
14 Navitas – Lancaster University, Leipzig
15 Internationales Studienkolleg an der Universität Paderborn, Paderborn
16 EIIE Eurasia Institute for International Education GmbH, Berlin (Except Gujarat, Punjab, Haryana)

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