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Australia Study visa consultants in Amritsar

In the current era, Australia is quickly rising to the top of the list among working professionals looking to immigrate.

Australia is one of the best countries for immigration because it is very accepting and adaptable to immigrants from all over the world. It also has a cordial, compatible, and decent work culture.

iTech Education & Immigration, one of the best Australia Study visa consultants in Amritsar assist you in applying for visas in different categories which are available in Australia.

We are available to provide you with a range of services when applying for a visa to move to Australia or for permanent residence.

We also extend our services to help anyone moving to Canada with our well-versed Tourist VISA consultant in Amritsar.

For anyone considering immigration, there are numerous options available with Australian skilled visas.

Each visa has a set of genuine skill packages that are targeted at expanding business knowledge and luring more creative talent to Australia without displacing local workers.

There are a few requirements to meet to submit an application for permanent residency in Australia, including age, educational background, and linguistic proficiency as measured by the IETLS, PTE, or TOFIL.

The Australia Study Visa Consultants in Amritsar, iTech Education & Immigration, offer you the necessary support and aid in getting the right visa with 100% process success.


Visa Subcategories

Without the support of an employer, three types of visas permit entry into Australia.

Independent Skilled Visa

Nominated Skilled Visa

Regional (Provisional) Skill Visa


Independent Skilled Visa

Any independent person may enter Australia with a skilled independent visa based on the points of the tested skilled workers.

The employees do not require sponsorship from any Australian employers, family members, or nomination by any territory or state.

With the help of this visa, the applicant can live and work permanently in Australia.

Application for the Australia Skilled Independent Visa requires a minimum of 65 points on the skilled test.

Both men and women must be younger than 45 to qualify for this visa.

Since a skill assessment and an English proficiency test will be conducted, the applicant should have experience in the relevant job role.


Nominated Skilled Visa

The Australian state or territory government has nominated skilled individuals who are granted this visa to live and work in Australia. In the skill assessment, a minimum score of 65 is needed.

The applicant must be under 45 years old, score well enough on the English proficiency test, and receive an official invitation from the government.

You can speak with Australia Study Visa Consultants in Amritsar to obtain this visa.


Regional (Provisional) Skill Visa

The four-year temporary residency period in less developed areas or large cities is made possible by the skilled regional visa.

A single instance of subclass 475, 487, 495, or 496 is required. If not, you could even go under the sponsorship of a relative or accept a nomination from any territory or state.

The applicant must be under 45 years old, score at least 65 on the skill assessment, pass the English proficiency test with the required score, and receive an invitation from the government.


Immigration and Permanent Residency Benefits

Obtain all social benefits available to Australian citizens

Free Access to Health Care

Anywhere in Australia, including every province, to work and attend school.

Life insurance coverage for the entire family

Lifetime health insurance for the entire family

Free education for your children up to age 15

The same advantages as the Primary applicant apply to Spose as well.

4 years after the citizenship interview, you become eligible for Australian citizenship.

Acceptable as Permanent Residents

Able to work in New Zealand after obtaining citizenship, etc.


Australia’s Permanent Resident Stages

Step 1: Verify that your profession is on the list of skilled occupations.
Step 2: Submit a letter of interest
Step 3: Wait for the invitation to apply for this visa
Step 4: Gather your Documents
Step 5: Request a visa 60 days after the invitation
Step 6: Being an Australian Permanent Resident



Every State and Territory has its requirements to accept candidates for its skilled categories based on its requirements, which is known as the State Nomination Program.

Obtain more information about the Provincial Nominee Program from the Australia Study Visa Consultants in Amritsar.

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