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Financial Assistance

Studying in another country is not cheap. It is a costly process as it does not only require fees but the travel and living expenses. Many countries like the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada do not provide loans or funds to international student. A person has to take care of their own needs. They have to deliver proof during visa application, which showcases their capability to afford the education, at least for the first year. You may have forgotten to keep other factors in mind, but they are the experts. So, the financial aspect is not only paramount for survival but also the visa.

Itech will help you get the right student financial assistance. We have experts who will carefully devise the plan for a successful education. Our own country is capable of funding us, and we have to find the right way. Itech will provide the path and make international education possible. We will find the right bank with an appropriate scheme. We will also highlight and show the estimation of fund required per year and how one can finance themselves while living in the other country. From student loans to an internship, we got you covered.