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Canada is ranked as one of the most favorable countries for its quality of life. The nation is politically progressive with excellent climate and environment. It has one of the world’s highest literacy rates and one of the lowest crime rates. English and French are the two official languages of Canada with Punjabi also getting the acknowledgment. Canada is famous for its educational system. Government of Canada and its provinces pay great attention to the education system. The yearly cost of studies and living expenses in Canada is around 5.6 lakhs INR.

Student visa in Canada is known as the Study permit. The best thing about their education system is that any course of six months or less does not require a student visa, which makes it great for diploma and certification courses. To qualify for the student visa, one has to meet the requirement of the immigration act. Canada also provides the flexibility of transferring between other institutions and programs. The process does not require any change in Visa. It allows the academically brilliant students to explore for greater prospects. The Post-graduate work program is another excellent module which enables students to gain experience and knowledge of their field.