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Australia is a beautiful country with beaches and gifts of nature. It is a culturally and racially diverse country which can be tasted in the food and lifestyle of the country. Immigrants have played a prominent role in enhancing the beauty of this adventurous country. Country houses some of the world’s best universities. The Australian education system is famous for its three-tier structure, which combines school, vocational studies, and other higher educations. Its education is excellent for inspiring engineers and accountants, among others. Arts and music have shown some remarkable growth and incorporated into people’s regular lives.

Immigrant students can apply for Independent Skilled Migration, which allows them to have a special category of international studies. A student can work 20 hours a week and full time during holidays and vacations. Doctoral students can work full time during their studies. The additional benefits of studying in Australia allowsstudents to work for two more years after the graduation, and mastery students can work for three years without requiring any work permit. Student visa application follows a standard procedure and requires English proficiency test. However, one has to leave Australia before the student visa expires.